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College Bowls Challenge


2019-2020 College Bowls Challenge


* Pick the Winner of "All 39" Bowl Games

* No Point Spread involved.

* "Rank" the winners according to your

confidence in them winning.

In other words, place the highest number 39,

on the game that you are most sure of,

38 on the game you are next sure of,

all the way down to 1 on

the game that you are least sure of.

* Points are awarded to all correct picks.

* Any "Duplicate" Pts. #'s = Loss for "Both"

* Any Game Not Played is a Win for both Teams.

 * Payouts are determined by number of players,

which historically is between 50-60,

with payouts to the Top 5,

1st Place being around $400.

* Entry Fee is only $20

"Venmo is accepted"

Contact me & I'll give you my handle.

Text 615 347-2477 or

email: Statman_TN @ yahoo.com

* How to submit is on the form.

Deadline for Picks

1:00 PM Central

*FRIDAY* Dec. 20